Reciprocal Partners

One of the many advantages of membership is the ability to utilise reciprocal arrangements between The Tauranga Club and the high-quality residential Clubs in New Zealand. The Tauranga Club enjoys reciprocal agreements with 5 similar private Clubs within New Zealand, 3 International Clubs and a warm relationship with the Bay of Plenty Officers Club. Accommodation is available and Members of the Tauranga Club may make use of the facilities of those Clubs as if it were their own Club. Whether traveling for business or pleasure the reciprocal network offers the ideal opportunity to visit or stay on with other leading Clubs.

Tauranga Club members enjoy a warm welcome when staying with a Reciprocal Club and always afforded the special hospitality the hosting Club provides for its own members. Dining, relaxing, meeting guests and accommodation are just a few of the services our reciprocal partners offer.